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We are a firm that deals with the producing and sales of Swedish torches.
A Swedish torch is a log, sawn in a special way so that with the aid of a firelighter it burns all the way down.

A very special eyecatcher, used as an outdoor source of light and/or heat. is grown from Haardhout Ferwert . Haardhout Ferwert is a business based in Ferwert that specializes in the processing and sales of firewood.


Haardhout Ferwert has taken a new course and is now also producer of the Swedish torch.


The torch is produced in Ferwert, Friesland.


Our Swedish torches are made from, amongst others, birchwood. Birch is a fast drying wood that burns beautifully. It burns cleanly gives off good heat and attractive flames. Birch is also beautiful through its white bark.


The birch log is sawn in a special way to ensure optimal fuel efficiency. The torches are supplied with a firelighter, user instructions and a sturdy carry cord. Depending on the (strength of) the wind, the torch will burn slowly or more quickly.

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